Looking for a Navy Ritz...

  1. If anyone spots this, could you pm me please? I think this only came in the smaller size, but not sure on that either. Thanks for looking!
  2. Still looking, so if you've seen one, please let me know!
  3. Try Lisa Hamlin at Neiman Marcus in Troy, MI. I did see one there not too long ago, and make sure you ask her to do a search if they don't have one in store. They have alot of stock in their warehouse. Whatever you do, don't use the Chanel specialist there, she's one of the most rude SA's I've ever dealt with. The number is 248-643-3300. Just ask for handbags to get Lisa. Please tell her April referred you.
    Good luck!
  4. I saw 1 at NM Newport Beach the other day. 949-759-1900, as for Chanel Handbags, and Cynthia Smith. Please tell her Lani sent you. I think there there Incircle next week, and Cynthia can hold the bag for you until the event so you can get double points.