Looking for a Muse!

  1. I'm thinking of getting a Muse now.

    1. I'm 5'3". Do you think if Oversize might be too big for me? Or should I look at other size?

    2. I haven't decide what color to get yet. Anyone has Muse in Chocolate? Do you like the color?

    3. Does anyone know if Muse is on sale at the YSL, Nordstrom, or Neiman Marcus in SF (or Bay Area)?

    Your input is greatly appreciated! :tup:
  2. U miss the sale ... Muse was on sale a couple weeks ago. Call Nordstrom at Mall of America ... they might still have some left ...
    I don't think the OS will look big on u ... it's the right size for ur height ...
    Hope you can find one ! :yes:
  3. I was @ YSL Boutique last week.. and they had a couple of muse on sale.. but nothing chocolate.. mostly non-leather..
  4. i don't think the OS would be too big i have one and i love it...
  5. I'm looking for a muse as well! actually i had seen people with them and fell in love...then discovered it was the Muse!
    of course id have to want a 1400 bag! how do so many people have them??!!
    anyone know of any sales? esp in nyc area?
    thanks all!