Looking for a Mulberry Phoebe bag


Feb 12, 2006
:sad2: I love this bag and definitely want to buy it...is anyone from this forum selling one? Or, while I debate whether I should place an order from the Mulberry store, can anyone tell me if they own one...how big is it? I cannot see this bag in person so I'm trying to get an idea of it..how much stuff can you fit inside? etc. Thanks for all your info!
I just received the one I bought from another forum member. It is bigger than I thought. I wear it comfortable on my shoulder and it fits all kinds of stuff. My wallet, my makeup bag and my phone and a book. It is very stiff but I'm thinking it is going to get so soft with useage. It is the kind of bag that you can't hurt. So today when I was at a soccer game I moved into it rather than carry my balenciaga. Now we're off skiing and it is going to be perfect for that. good luck finding one. I love this bag.
i have one, absolutely adore it. it is a little stiff, but it's the kind of leather that needs to be broken in, and then it will be a great vintage peice IMO. i have it in darwin leather, chocolate brown. it can fit my continental wallet, easily. among cell phones, cameras, etc.