Looking for a Mulberry Phoebe bag

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  1. :sad2: I love this bag and definitely want to buy it...is anyone from this forum selling one? Or, while I debate whether I should place an order from the Mulberry store, can anyone tell me if they own one...how big is it? I cannot see this bag in person so I'm trying to get an idea of it..how much stuff can you fit inside? etc. Thanks for all your info!
  2. Looking for one too so I'd be very interested in finding out this info as well. Also, do they see Mulberry at NM, Saks, etc?
  3. they are all over the mulberry stores in london .. if you want any help with numbers let me know :smile:
  4. I just received the one I bought from another forum member. It is bigger than I thought. I wear it comfortable on my shoulder and it fits all kinds of stuff. My wallet, my makeup bag and my phone and a book. It is very stiff but I'm thinking it is going to get so soft with useage. It is the kind of bag that you can't hurt. So today when I was at a soccer game I moved into it rather than carry my balenciaga. Now we're off skiing and it is going to be perfect for that. good luck finding one. I love this bag.
  5. i have one, absolutely adore it. it is a little stiff, but it's the kind of leather that needs to be broken in, and then it will be a great vintage peice IMO. i have it in darwin leather, chocolate brown. it can fit my continental wallet, easily. among cell phones, cameras, etc.
  6. Thanks girls, I really want the chocolate one and am debating whether I should get it....looks like you can fit a lot of stuff in there :smile: