Looking for a MU in Magenta, Violet, Juane, or Blue!!!

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering, if anyone might know where I can find a MU in specifically in Magenta, Violet, Juane or in one of the blue shades... It would be better if they are in the US.
  2. BalNY has a sky blue MU :yes:
  3. I called Barneys Beverly Hills and Barneys Seattle tonight and they both have Jaune Makeups! Only 1 left at each store, both are on hold under Allison if you want to take them though! I was planning on buying one but after buying my first 2 cities and a money wallet, I told myself I need to just chill out and enjoy what I have; otherwise I'm just going to keep on buying and buying and the "old" ones will just sit in their dustbags! Well, that and my credit card needs a rest lol. Enjoy, hope this helps!
  4. why would you tell her that?
  5. if you want a shoulder instead of a makeup, neiman's in san francisco has ones in magenta and sky blue...

  6. ...because like I said in my post I'm not getting them because I need to give my credit card a rest, so i gave her the name they were under so if she wanted the jaune color she could just get it.