Looking for a monogram PEGGY tote with leather trim!

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  1. I thought too long about it and missed it on the website!!!!!!!! has anyone seen this at any of the stores?? please pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!??:crybaby:
  2. Saw it at the Gucci Santa Row store in CA yesterday evening.
  3. ohhhhhhhhhh thankssssss!!!!!!!!!! Im going to call them RIGHT NOW!!
  4. I just came back from GUCCI at Santa Row. Yes, they still have them. Call 408-557-9926 for Eric or Liza. Good luck!
  5. I saw it at the Gucci boutique in NYC yesterday. It was still there at the end of the day!
  6. I called Santa Row and the guy said something about being on a waiting list cuz they're getting some more in today.........hmm.......
  7. So, did you put your name down on the list? They might not want to sell you the display then. Did you ask for it by style number? I really want you to get it!
  8. I saw some at the Gucci store on 5th Ave today!!! Call them soon!
  9. HEY guys! THANKS SO MUCHH! I ordered it from Santa Row!! :smile: they got some more in and called me! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! I hope I LOVE it since all sales are final! :sweatdrop: !! I got it to use as my diaper bag!! ahhh Ill post pics when it comes in!

    thanksssssssss again!
  10. Congrats!!!!!
  11. Wonderful. I was wondering if you had gotten one. The bag is big, but very lightweight. It would be a perfect diaper bag! I am using it as a work bag since it is large enough to hold my laptop. Congrats!
  12. :yahoo:Congrats! :yahoo: