Looking for a mod!!! Can anyone help me??

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  1. can one of the mods please pm me its important!
  2. PLEASEEEEE anyone still up???
  3. geez this would be my luck!
  4. i think everybody is in bed, lol!
  5. well mods please pm me in the morning...its important
  6. I think you might want to pm them instead!
  7. ^ I agree, trying PMing one of them.
  8. how do you know whos a mod??
  9. Hmm. I think Megs and Vlad are the high ups. I know LV_Addict and Ayla are the LV mods. Not sure who the General Discussion Mods are. Prada's Meadow? Swank Mama of Three? Not sure. Sorry, I'm not very helpful!
  10. When you come into the forum at the bottom is an index of everyone that is on. Any names that are red, orange or pink are mods:yes:
  11. or.. near the bottom of the front forum page is the link that says, "View Forum Leaders". that link will show all mods to the forum.
  12. Im the GEN DISC MOD..Whats UP??..I PMed ya
  13. Closing
  14. FYI

    Prada, Swanky, Cristina, and Amanda are also here to Mod the General discussion forum.
  15. Thank you Chag :heart:
Thread Status:
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