Looking for a MJ Blake in Brick Red = Mission Impossible??

  1. Hey ladies!

    I'm a newbie when it comes to MJ bags and I decided to take the plunge by getting a MJ Blake to start off my high end bag obsession :p I practically called almost all the Nordstrom Racks, Off Saks, and NM Last Call within the past 2 weeks asking whether they have any Blakes at all. All the responses I've gotten are the same, "Sorry but we don't have that style." :crybaby:

    I know Costco was selling a Brick Red Blake a couple months back but the price was too high for me, I think it was $750. Is it impossible to find a Brick Red Blake hiding somewhere in NR, Off Saks or NM Last Call? Does anyone have tips for where I can look for one? :shrugs:

    Blake Hunter,
  2. Hello!!

    Well, I don't think it's impossible but I do know that I started looking for this same color or a Blake in tomato too a few months ago but couldn't find one. I did see small MP's in brick red however at a NMLC as recently as January. I don't have any other advice though...I would just suggest checking the outlet stores regularly. Good luck...hope you can get one! It's a gorgeous bag!
  3. HAHA.. I would say yes, because I've been looking for one too, and it's been quite a long while since I've seen one. The last time I saw one on eBay was over the summer, before I started my obsessive search for it. I'm still kicking myself for letting that one go. Brick Red Blake is my holy grail bag.
  4. Even if Costco's price is lower, you should be careful getting bags from that website-I hear that Costco seems to have gotten into trouble with fakes. Good luck!