Looking for a Miss Print

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am looking to purchase a Miss Print in black does anyone know if they are still available anywhere? I did try Google and Ebay. That bag is so hot!:sos:

  2. Well unfortunately this is something all Tano lovers have to live with...the search for previous seasons bags.

    Tano rarely repeats styles and never repeats colors. Once the season is over and the bags are gone then they are gone.

    I am afraid you will probably have to keep an eye on eBay, etc and hope to get lucky.

    Sorry and welcome to the Tano SF!!
  3. Good luck Angel. If you keep a regular eye on eBay, it will pop up eventually, I think. Almost everything I have wanted has shown up there at some point, although there have been some long waits!
  4. I don't even remember what this bag is?? hmmm... do we have any pics so I can keep my eye out?
  5. Thanks Ladies Tigerkitty I actually saw it on the modeling post so I will put up the link later I really need to get ready for work.
    Voo thanks for the welcome I believe it was your pic that I saw and it is one hawt lil number.
    I will keep searching if anyone sees one I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

  6. Angellove will probably want to kill me but....... I had a black Miss Print that I sold on eBay a little over a year ago.

    Here it is w/ the leather side in:


  7. And w/ the leather side out:

  8. OMG Voo :drool::crybaby: It is my dream bag.
    What can I say thing happen for a reason right? One will come along if it is meant to be.
  9. Oh yes! I remember that bag!
  10. Well if I see one I'll let you know right away!!!! :yes:
  11. Thanks Voo UR a doll! :peace: