Looking for a mini or reissue mini in Korea

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  1. #1 Jun 15, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
    Dear ladies,

    I’m considering to buy my first and only Chanel. Narrowed it down to a black lambskin mini square or the reissue mini.

    I’m in Korea and I visited the flagship store and the boutique at Galleria, thinking that they’d have many since Koreans love their luxury brands^^ But I was told Korea never has black small flaps?
    Is it really that hard to get a black mini or mini reissue?

    The Galleria boutique only had a few color mini mini rectangles. I honestly fell in love with the blue one. But it will be my only Chanel and I was planning to get black so I can carry it for 20 or so years. But the blue one did look so nice, considering that I mainly wear black clothing. It was a floor model though and the only one they had and I’m wondering how long it’s been there, being handled by everyone.

    What do you ladies think? TIA.

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  2. That's a really nice shade of blue. It's not too intense or too "loud". IMHO, too many people are afraid of colored bags. Unless you wear a lot of neon colors, you'll get plenty of use out of the blue.
  3. Thanks and you’re right. You wouldn’t be worried though buying the floor model?
  4. Did it have signs of handling/use? If not, you have nothing to worry about. I doubt its been sitting out that long either.

    I bought a red (coral-ish) rectangle mini not too long ago and I don't regret it at all! Nice pop for summer.

    PS. I doubt this will be your one and only Chanel. Enjoy!
  5. Yep. I’m afraid of that happening. I was on the fence about the whole Chanel thing because it’s so overpriced, so I’d never seen a Chanel bag up close but when the SA put that blue bag in front of me this afternoon and I tried it on I knew: I have to have this.

    And I suddenly understood what all you Chanel lovers are talking about - that after your first, it’s all downhill from there^^

    Thanks for your advice. I think I’ll go back tomorrow to see if it’s still there.
  6. I really like the blue, it's a lovely wearable blue that's in-between a pop of color + a muted color like black haha. I don't think reissue minis are that hard to get, but I'm saying this since I'm in New York City and I've been able to see reissue minis at all four of the locations I've been to so far, multiple colors. If you like the color, I would go for it, because it's seasonal. But black is such a basic (and agree it's harder to get, but not impossible), I love my black lambskin chevron mini and it's a staple. Maybe you could get this rectangular mini in blue and then a square mini in black, for variety? :smile:
  7. Haha, please don’t encourage me^^

    Apparently it will be impossible to get a black mini square in Korea but I guess that’s a good thing if I do go back to get the blue one tomorrow.

    I was wondering though, isn’t it a tad too long for me? One reason I wanted the mini square or mini reissue was because the chain is shorter.
  8. I have not seen any black square minis myself in the boutiques here in New York City, not sure if they're even available this season-- and I go shopping quite a lot! Every week I visit a different boutique. But if you get the blue one, I'd get some good relationship building with the SA and he/she can let you know when they do get a mini you want. How tall are you? In the picture, the rectangular mini looks good on you (imo). I'm 5"4 and I prefer the chain length and shape of the rectangular mini compared to the square mini, but I often hear some more petite gals say that they like the length of the square mini. I just find the silhouette of the rectangular looks nicer on my frame!
  9. Thanks. I’m 158 cm so quite short. I think it looks goods crossbody and that’s how I intend to wear it mainly but on the shoulder I think it looks a little long on me. But like you, I think the rectangle suits my body shape better even though I was initially set on the square. I was also suprised that it was bigger than I expected. I even thought it was not the mini for a moment.
  10. That sounds so much fun, that you visit a different boutique every week^^ You must have good relationships with the SAs.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to do that. My handbag collection is very small and normally, I never visit the boutiques.
    I’m more into vintage modernist jewelry. But I sold one bag and it feels like my handbag collection is really lacking a bag right now, so that’s why I’m on the hunt for a new bag.
  11. OMG this color is amazing! Could you please take a picture of the tag so I can ask my SA if she has this bag? Thank you and congratulations!
  12. A46D0FD4-7D69-46CE-8FCF-6BE9A4174105.jpeg Blue is such a nice alternative to black. Esp in lamb! I just bought the 19c blue i love it i don’t think it’s too long on you, I’m 5’2 this is where it sits on me..i think you should get it..
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  13. Thanks for all your kind words, ladies.

    After some thinking and trying on other options I was considering (Fendi small peekaboo and the Saint Laurent college bag) I realized you’re all right: if I settle I’ll regret it and in the end will spend the same amount of money on other things.

    I knew this is the bag I really wanted so after visiting a few other Chanel boutiques, I went back and got it.

    I have to say I saw some other bags where I was a bit disappointed about the quality. I saw two with twisted chains and a light pink rectangular flap that felt like plastic. And apparently no mini reissues in Koreaㅠㅠ

    Deb68nc: I love your bag, such a good blue color.

    Bellenchanted: I only just purchased it. I will take a picture of the tag later.

    Thanks for letting me share. Love from Korea^^

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  14. So pretty, enjoy it!
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