Looking for a medium Edith in Rouge- possible?

  1. I just recently fell in love with Chloe. I ADORE the Edith, but don't have one yet because I was thinking a cherry red would be the perfect color. Well, I just found out today that Chloe DID make the Edith in that color, Rouge! I don't know what season this was, though. Do you think it would be possible to still find one of these babies brand new? If so, recs for where? TIA!
  2. Try eBay or keep checking the NM sale section online! One might pop up!
  3. I haven't seen the rouge in department stores since they went on final markdown in january. However, I do see some pop up here and there on eBay!
  4. I saw a rouge at the billion dollar babe sample sale in NY. It was the large one. They are having another sale in November and maybe it will be there again?

  5. Aerynna - I returned this rouge Edith at the NM in Short Hills on 7/2/07! http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/editprod.jhtml?commerceItemId=ci196969000301&itemId=prod43510047&suiteId=&cmCat=cat000000cat10270737cat8290732cat2760737cat7230736cat12540806

    It was sooooo gorgeous and the leather was smooshy unlike 3 other Edith's I returned w/ stiff leather. This rouge Edith was so difficult to part with:crybaby: but I decided to keep my rouge paddy instead.
    Keep checking this link! Good luck!
  6. There is a newly listed one on e-bay, you could have it authenticated by tpf. I agree, that color is beautiful, I remember seeing one in NM last year. I ordered the red Edith bowler and loved the color, but sent it back as the bag was bigger than I wanted.
  7. I pm'd the link just in case! Let us know if you got it and please post Pics if you did when you get it....I am so tempted to get the red too!
  8. ^^^Do tell us Mona if you get it!!!! I bet its gorgeous in person....
  9. I won't get it I am just wishful thinking....must stick to ban....
  10. aerynna I hope you got it as it seems it's now sold out.
  11. The rouge is lovely. I almost bought one at the Billion Dollar Babes sale in New York, but went with the whiskey instead.
  12. I called the NM Last Call in Lakewood, CO and they had a rouge and a whiskey in case anyone is wondering.
  13. I guess the ban is over :roflmfao: