Looking for a MbMJ Groovee Satchel in Grey; Look at this Beauty!

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I am looking for an MbMJ Dr. Q Groovee Satchel in grey. I saw one IRL at the Barneys here in Atlanta, tried it on, went home, thought about it, and went back to buy it and now they only have the black.
    I just did a google search for it, and look what I found!!! How exciting!
    Ready for this one?? Check out this "BEAUTY":

    A lovely, almost IDENTICAL LOOKING Dr. Q Groovee replica! It seems to have all the features of a REAL MbMJ, even the metal name tag! I especially love the putrid, tin foil type pleather. What do you think??
    It is only $137.00!

    Thought I'd give you MJ ladies a little Valentine's laugh!
  2. eww grosss. it looks like one of those old chairs made of out fake leather that start to crack.
  3. :wtf::throwup::throwup:
  4. Ick!
  5. Yack. Actually you can tell by the font too on the tag..

  6. Yesssss:wlae:i knew it was a fake...i have become an expert at this..now back to that back..yuck :wtf:
  7. the shape and nameplate is incorrect. it's always funny when counterfeiters start making up their own designs and colors. :rolleyes:
  8. ^That's so true...they try to through their own ideas into fakes.
  9. I say don't get the fake. It further propels the counterfeiters profits which I don't think they deserve. I am totally against the counterfeits. Buy the real Marc Jacobs!! They are in stock at Bloomingdales.com in Mouse Grey.

  10. OMG! I was totally kidding! I am very familiar with MJ as I have a few. I have never bought an MbMJ, but really love the grey Dr Q Groovee. I can't believe it is faked AND so hideous!!!! I guess my sarcasm wasn't that obvious because someone else thought I was serious, too!
  11. :wtf:
    Ummm, I was joking. I guess, not so funny! I would never buy this bag. It is so gross, regardless of what bag it is trying to copy. It in itself is....well....
  12. Sorry Cooper1! I have just read your ENTIRE initial post. I skipped the whole last part when I read it. It was a scary bag, indeed. Forgive me for just scanning your initial first comments and skipping the last!!
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    LOL! No problem! I was just trying to give you all a good laugh!!!
    I about died when it popped up on my Google search!!!!
    I can't believe how heinous it is!
    Anyway, I am going to Chicago next month for the first time and I heard it has excellent shops and boutiques. I was thinking of seeing if I can buy a REAL MbMJ grey Dr Q Groovee there (intead of resorting to this lovely replica!), as I love to buy bags when I go out of town ("this is my New York bag", "This is my LA bag", "This is my Nashville bag"....). So I need a CHICAGO bag!
  14. Lots of great places to buy bags here!!!
    The MbyMJ store just opened up last month - That's actually where I bought my Groovee -

    If your "Chicago" bag doesn't have to be an MJ - there's Bess & Loie on Lake Street - the store is a bag lover's paradise! There are bags, bags and more bags EVERYWHERE!!