Looking for A Marc Jacobs Stam in Petrol...

  1. Does Anyone Know Where i can get a authentic Marc Jacobs Petrol Blue handbag???Or even the recent 2007 spring stam in blue it almost looks like the petrol.
    anyone help would be great.
  2. ^ The Petrol Stam is one of the most coveted MJ bags, it is near impossible to find one. If you are interested in the spring 2007 Stam I would suggest calling a MJ Boutique.
  3. Good luck!
  4. Was just at MJ in LA, they didn't have one unless it was hiding in back.
  5. Good luck...and please do not buy one of the fakes on eBay that people claim are authentic....proceed with caution....call an MJ Boutique and see if they can find you one....let us know if you succeed....and post pics!!
  6. Sometimes Marc has things in other markets..ie Asia..that are not here. You might also try checking with stores outside of the US. I was able to get a Tomato Sophia this way just recently. mags
  7. I've never seen a Petrol stam on eBay, not for the last 8 months anyway... And I'm sure if there was one, bidding would break retail price. Definitely go with the cobalt blue stam, that's your best bet. Good luck!

    As for other countries, definitely worth a try. The last retail purchased stam that I know of was bought at the Taiwan boutique, I think? It was early summer last year.