Looking for a Maggie

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  1. I'm newbie to Coach and the Purse Fourm. I have fallen in love with the brown and black Maggies and really want the leather, but would be happy with the Op Art too. I've been looking on eBay, Bonanzle, and at the factory outlets when I'm nearby one. Would it be better to buy one FP from the Coach store or is it possible to find one a bit cheaper somewhere else? The forum is amazing and I've learned so much. Thank you for all the help!
  2. I just got a Brown Op Art Large Maggie at my local Macys for about $200, keep looking you will see them. My local outlet had Pink Op Art ones
  3. The brown op art Maggies are at most outlets
  4. Thank you both for your replies. I've tried six different outlets in my area and no luck so far, but I will keep looking!
  5. I am wanting to find a maggie as well......are there any leather ones at the outlets, or just op art?
  6. One of the outlets I called said they have seen a few leather Maggies.
  7. Thanks wils8262. Maybe I should drive up and see what they have.
  8. The petaluma outlet in petaluma,ca have the lage brown op art maggies. They do charge sends also.
  9. I have put a large op art maggie on hold at petaluma, pm me if you want the name its under.
  10. Thank you SO much Juciycoachfan!
  11. How much are the leather maggies at the outlet......and how about the black ruby maggie? Anyone see those anymore, price for it too?
    Thanks! Lots of snow and I am debating if I want to drive an hour up there tomorrow or not.
  12. My outlet (Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada) had madison maggie, they had small patent jade, op art brown,silver and raspberry op art they were 30% off $348.00. They also had small plum 50% off $338.00. They had the large crackeled gold old maggie (with the pleats) for 50% off. I haven't seen the ruby maggie since October.
  13. Thank you so much pellkell. I love the ruby with the pockets. I am trying to decide what bag for sure I want. ;)
  14. REALLY? Oh man, now I really want to go there! Is it true the line is ALWAYS running outside?
  15. wow, makes me want to go to Niagara Falls just about now! Maybe I can convince my DH to take me on a tour of Coach outlets in the US :smile: