Looking for a LV wallet for the BF.

  1. I'm looking for a LV wallet for the BF but I'm not really sure of which one yet. :shrugs: Does anyone have any suggestions. Much appreciated! :smile:
  2. It really depends on what he carries. If he carries coins, cards and bills, then a Florin Wallet may be suitable. This is available in Damier, Mono and Taiga to the best of my knowledge.

    The more discreet, masculine styles are from the Utah or the Taiga range. Epi is also discreet, but less so than the utah and taiga. And, Damier is also very masculine, but perhaps the least discreet out of them. Thats just my opinion though. Why don't you check a few out from Louisvuitton.com or eluxury.com and see which ones he might like.

    Any further info about how much he carries (or would like to carry) is also appreciated. Hope you have fun choosing!
  3. I purchased a wallet for my dh for Christmas from the Taiga line in Grizzli color and had his initials heatstamped. He is not into labels at all but I wanted a great wallet that will last him instead of me replacing his wallet every year!:nuts:
  4. Is he the type to carry his wallet in his back pants pocket, a messenger bag, or his coat pocket? If he's the type who has a bag, he might appreciate the Brazza wallet. It's a larger wallet, so it can't be carried in the back pocket of the pants, but it has lots of space: 12 card slots, a coin compartment, a gussetted pocket, and four bill compartments.
  5. Good thread
  6. my bf carries a pocket organizer in mandrin. loves it to pieces! he is now eyeballing the money clip.
  7. Thinking buy my DH a wallet for x'mas present too..
    His the type to carry his wallet in his back pants pocket, any suggestion??

    My choice : Taiga Billfold with 9cc slots or Damier Billfold with 6cc slots.. :shame:
  8. I say go for the monogram magellan, its very cute, and has a very interesting and cool coin pocket inside.
  9. I want the magellan for myself!! :biggrin: yea, i was thinking about getting him the damier multiple bill holder because it's similiar to the wallet I bought him many ages ago...he likes to keep his wallet in his pants pocket or the insides of his jacket....you guys don't think the damier would be weird on a guy? I want this to be a surprise...
  10. First off, love your user name, it's one of my favorite fruits!

    Got my husband a Taiga wallet. It's one of the LVs that fits easily into jeans/pants pockets and it doesn't "scream" LV.
  11. I bought my bf a 6 card billfold and he loves it. He doesn't carry change (that's what I'm for) And doesn't have too many cards either. And he's a front pocket type of guy, so it's perfect for him.
  12. i got my bf the taiga multiple in black and he loves it! he likes nice things but isnt into anything with lots of labels all over either. he likes the cool detail on the right side where its like an envelope. maybe that would be a good one! its pretty durable too from what others have said =)
  13. I got my bf the monogram billfold (with 4 cardslots?), it was a good price and he loves it! He uses it all the time!
  14. Go for a Utah wallet, very nice leather!