Looking for a luscious brown bag

  1. Im looking for an every day bag that can fit alot but isnt huge.
    I know there are so many but none of them have caught my eye.
    It has to fit over my shoulder, be less than US700, smell like nice leather and most importantly be brown. Im not fussed at which brown, ie chocolate brown, lighter brown, luggage and im not fussed about the colour of the hardware either. I liked the Gustto Parina but havent seen the brown around or the Kooba Sienna in brown.
    Ive been carrying around my current bag and it looks so bad now. Its not even brown anymore. The guy at the shoe place laughed at me and said my bag cannot be cleaned again ( he has done it three times) and its time to buy a new one:tdown:

    Thanks for your help
  2. Have you checked out BelenEchandia.com? She has some nice bags that will be in brown once she has her website updated.
  3. Ditto! I was going to suggest BE as well. There are some great looking bags in several sizes. We're all anxiously awaiting the new spring designs and colors to be posted on the website (according to the other BE posts here it should be in the next few weeks). Also, the BE customer service is incredible! Belen Echandia is well worth a look.
  4. Have you considered any Linea Pelle bags? The leather is to die for soft squishy and pretty much indestructible! They are great throw-around bags, and have great styles. Here is the website www.lpcollection.com, but frequently you can find them on sale at places like www.kataphileo.com, or bluefly.
    Here are some lovely brown LP bags:

    Piper Speedy:

    Dylan Bowler:

    Angie Shoulder bag:

    There a bunch more on the website. I highly recommend Linea Pelle, especially if you like to keep a bag for a looooong time, as you seem to from your post! LOL!
    Oh, and the prices are way under your max limit!
    Good luck!
  5. That Dylan bowler looks cute but the handles look too long..

  6. I have it in midnight blue, and the handles are great. I think about 8-9 inch shoulder drop. They fit perfectly over your shoulder, even with a heavy coat. I really like it, but I know alot of people like shorter, hand-held handles.
  7. I would definitely go with Linea Pelle also. The leather is super soft but holds up to anything. I bang mine around so much and it is in wonderful condition. I have a Dylan Bowler in Midnight and a Lola in Desert and the colors are nice saturated colors. Try: http://kataphileo.com/browse.php?designerid=5 And that seems to be the only site I can find that has a selection of brown Linea Pelle bags other than the LP website. Prices are usually a little cheaper at Kataphileo.com plus you get a 3% member discount. Good luck on your search.
  8. I have a beautiful brown Tombe bag from Michelle Vale I recently purchased. The leather is sooo soft and nice ... and the inside is lined in suede.

    Problem is .. its more than $700. It's on her website for $795 (www.michellevale.com) which is about what I paid at a boutique here in NYC.
    DSC_0069_2.jpg DSC_0070.jpg DSC_0072.jpg
  9. Thanks, ill check them out! Also, im looking into Rebecaa Minkoff..anyone have a bag of hers?

    The things with BE is being in pounds, after the conversion the bag price is way too much. A 400 pound bag becomes 1000 AUS with shipping. Ill have to wait for a sale I think.
  10. I'm using my chocolate Morning After Mini right now. ;) You should check out the Rebecca Minkoff subforum. There are plenty of brown bag pics there (including mine).
  11. Have you decided on a brown bag yet? Hopefully some of these suggestions helped you!

    Good luck!
  12. ^ Ermm Ill probably go for a Rebecca Minkoff bag of a brown colour. Not sure which one yet though but im still up for suggestions, especially if I can find a Gustto Parina or a Kooba Sienna