Looking for a LOVE Bag,Patchwork Bowly, or Dentelle(not kirsten)??

  1. Not sure what the wait is for these bags because I'm not waiting, but I have seen threads where people say they are waiting. I was at LV in Millenia Mall in Orlando, Florida,on Saturday, and they had a patchwork denim bowly available, a LOVE Satin bag (the camel color one) and all kinds of dentelle bags (except the Kirsten). If anyone is interested their number is 407-264-5290.:yes:
  2. OOO! Was there the Dentelle Fersen?
  3. They did have a Fersen!
  4. gold or silver? I am soo :drool: over it!
  5. The LV at SF Union Square also had the Fernsen in Gold I believe, also the Speedys in both gold and silver.

    Ask for Liz! =)