Looking for a Louis Wallet for a Non-LV Lover

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  1. Ok, so hi guys!! How are you all?! I am getting a Christmas bonus from work which gets me all girly giggly inside (teeheehee) sorry, couldn't control myself!! But anywho, it that time again for my sweet fiance to get a new wallet. He LOVES Kenneth Cole. I mean I think that is all I have ever seen him carry. So, I sat him down and asked if he would ever carry an LV wallet..Just asking, not pushing. He said no!! So I had to find out why. And this is what he says, " No offense to you or your bags, but a wallet for a guy seems a little trendy and too femine. I think if I pulled out the brown with the little LVs all over it my friends would laugh." Now, the thing about "T"<--Nickname, him and all of his friends are super like "GUYS" you know? He thinks LV is just for girls..Which we all know is not true. So I asked him, what if I could find a "not so flashy, minus the little LVs" wallet just to show the quality etc of an LV wallet. Then he wouldn't have to replace his wallet every year (just to show you how much he uses it). So here's my issue...First, should I even waste my time and money looking into a LV wallet knowing it's not going to be as "apperciated" as it should be? Second, what kind to get him? No mono or Damier..I was looking at the Nomade or Epi. Something solid black...But it also has to be billfold style (only kind he carries). Let me know what you guys think!! TIA!!!

    P.S. I love all you guys!! Your opinions mean sooo much to me!! MOUAH!!!:love:
  2. if he really doesn't like lv maybe you should buy him something else
    i do think an epi style wallet is great, classic, timeless and not that girly

    if he is not familiar with epi or nomade, maybe you can buy it, wrap it in a different box and if he says that he loves it, tell him it is lv ;)
    but the little Lv and the inside stamp might give it away lol..
    oo yes STAMP! have it heatstamped ;) he can't return it that way
  3. Ha-Ha! Have it heatstamped so he can't return it!! That's great!! I do like the idea of putting it in a different box until I can tell if he likes it..Hmmmm...You are quite sneaky aren't you? Have you done this before? LOL
  4. no i haven't, but i should!! i have tried the lv wallet thing on my boyfriend but same answer as your fiance ;)

    i actually read a story once on livejournal, this girl REALLLYYY wanted something lv, and she received a box from banana republic..
    so she was really disapointed but inside the box was the lv she wanted!
    her mom did that and it was such a cute story, with pictures and the girl looked so disapointed at first and then real happy!

    edit: here is the story, it is so cute!
  5. Awwww...So cute!! I love that fake smile!!
  6. i think the epi looks good on guys but if he doesnt like LV you should get him another brand that you know he'd like.. my bf doesn't like the monogram/damier too.. i just got him the bequia pocket organizer..you should check out if they still have the bequia wallet.. i wanted that but it is sold out here in Aussie.. i think that one is really different and gorgeous ;)
  7. Really? Hmm...I mean I'm sure he would like it, just because it's from me..But I want the wallet to be loved.
  8. yeah i know what you mean.. but IMO, LV has a narrow range for men wallets.. you should look out for other brands and then compare them.. just my suggestion :smile: like you said, im sure he would love anything that you give him and i think he will grow to love it! who wouldnt?! :biggrin:
  9. That's true..I mean..Like I said, I didn't want to be forceful about it. Because LV is my thing..But I thought it would be nice for him to have something LV..
  10. what about a wallet in taiga or nomade? they don't scream LV, and are beautiful.
    and I love the idea a gifting it in a non lv box! so clever!

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  11. taiga or nomade
  12. I think black taiga or epi would be pretty sweet...
  13. I would go with an epi wallet! He will love it!
  14. If you want to be subtle with an LV, the taiga is the way to go....
    but usually, if a person is not into LV (and you've already established this), it won't make a difference. They won't like it.
  15. My hubby has both of those wallets. He loves them.