Looking for a Louis for mom

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  1. hey. i was thinking of getting my mom a new louis vuitton for christmas. She likes bags that can hold lots of stuff and that can go on her shoulder. i'm looking at the Canvas Popincourt Haut...i was hoping for something under $800...but this bag looks like something my mom would really like. help?

    [​IMG] Canvas Popincourt Haut($860)
  2. That's a pretty bag. What a wonderful thought - your mom will love you. The Batignolles Horizontal is a great mom bag - I think it's a little more though - although not too much more.
  3. I love the popincourt haut! I think that will be my next bag...not sure how much it can hold though.

    The batignolles horizontal is a great suggestion as well, and its actually cheaper than the pop haut, at $815
  4. I have it and love it ! Classy and at the same time, CUTE.

    You should go to try it on because the balls on the pull make a little noise. Sometimes the sound bothers me in a quite place.