Looking for a long white tank like Lindsay's.

  1. I know this an old pic but I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a similar top. I am tall and would love to find something long with thick straps like this. Any suggestions would be great! Couldn't copy the pic so here is the link, thanks so much!

  2. That looks like it could be a James Perse tank. They're quite long.
  3. thanks!
  4. yeah I think so too.. I thought it was c&c at first but james perse It is
  5. Yeah, definitely try James Perse! I have a tank like Lindsay's and it's JP.
  6. Also, GAP makes extra long tanks. A cheaper alternative.
  7. They have one just like it at Aeropostale for $12
  8. It looks just like a simple white tank to me. As people have already mentioned, C & C California and James Perse make good tanks. Cheaper options are American Eagle, Abercrombie/Hollister, Jcrew, and Gap.
  9. it is just a simple tank but long, which i really need, thanks so much, i am off to order some now, i appreciate all the help! you guys are great!
  10. I have loads of these, got them all in H&M... so cheap! and I've had them since LAST YEAR and they're still in perfect condition!!!
  11. ed hardy do lovley ones. oh h&m is brill I can go it there and pic up tones of stuff :smile:
  12. I got some cheap ones at AE :p
  13. i thought they have these everywhere!
  14. For all types of long shirts, I like those from Shade Clothing or Modbe.