Looking for a large Gucci Horsbit hobo? ebay?

  1. Hello I want to buy the black large horsebit hobo in black. Does anybody know of an ebay seller that has one thats real? Does anybody know if it will go on sale when gucci has there June sale? Or does anybody know where I could get a real one at a good price? I was looking on ebay and saw a lot of them but I couldn't tell if any of them were real. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate fakes they ruin ebay!
  2. i wouldnt risk buying the hobo as ebay is FULL of fakes :sad:
  3. they all seem to be going out around 300, that means they must be fake
  4. Yes I paid about 1000 for mine. I'd wait. June is right around the corner.
  5. ooops, not okay!
  6. no buying or selling on tpF.
  7. wait what gucci sale in june?
  8. I guess their will be a sale I think it starts memorial day weekwnd
  9. holy moly, really? Does everything go on sale?
  10. Where is the sale? Online or in boutiques only?
  11. its online and in the boutique, BUT its not like everything goes on sale. they put the PAST seasons stuff on sale and only a few few pieces that are high sellers, like the gucci horsebit hobo and a few guccisimia bags -thats what they did in december-, but dont count on them trying to clear out the entire store and the stuff online goes fast, real fast.
  12. Hello..what does a hidden magnetic closure?
  13. OK Wow! I'm laughing.
  14. There's NO selling here please! People are banned for attempting to sell, please do not.
  15. Who's selling??? I don't see any selling or buying in this thread. :shrugs: