Looking for a Large Cerf Tote

  1. Ladies, I'm looking for a large Cerf Tote in black or white with gold CC, but beige would be nice too.
    I've located a white Cerf (and a pink one) at Heathrow Airport, but they are not allowed to ship.

    Please let me know or PM me if you've have seen one, preferably around Europe.

    I would be very grateful, TIA :flowers:
  2. good luck with your seach Nathalie ;)
  3. Thanks dear!

    I'm hoping to find one for my upcoming birthday (June 26th), but I'm afraid it's a hopeless case :crybaby:
  4. Bumping this for the lovely European ladies out here, hoping you can help me.
  5. I'll be in paris in about a month....not in time for your birthday, But I can look for you, if they have it...
    I hope you'll find it in time!
  6. Thanks Farah, you're a sweetheart :heart:
    Have a great time in Paris!
  7. Personalshoppers has the bag you want:smile:
  8. That's the small Cerf, but thanks anyway! :smile:
  9. SCP boutique has a black one. Large with CC lock.
  10. Beautylicious I am looking for one as well sigh. I saw a girl carrying one and asked her where she'd got it -she said Selfridges but I went this morning and couldn't see any...
  11. ^maybe they had it in the back. Make sure you ask, that's how I got mine.