Looking for a large cambon tote

  1. Has anyone seen one that is black with the white CC? Could you tell me where and the phone number of the store. Hopefully they did not increase the price on them.

  2. they have one (maybe a few?) at the San Francisco chanel botique as of today at 3 PM. I just got one today (had to trade in my GST for that though :crybaby:), but i really only need (more like can afford) one tote at the moment. Anyways...call Deborah (she's my SA) like ASAP tomorrow and ask her to charge send one for you, assuming you're not near SF. also, if you call her, pleasee tell her that Evelyn recommended her to you. SHE'S AMAZING, super sweet, and really patient. 415-981-1563 is the number i beileve? (if not, check the chanel.com website)
  3. yep, I was going to say SF chanel too. They had the tote, wallets & small cambon agenda in stock. Jennifer is also amazingly nice and helpful.
  4. Thanks guys, could you tell me how much they were?
  5. 1495$ large cambon tote

    wallets are from $535-$575
  6. they were 1495; now they are 1595