Looking for a laptop

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  1. I'm trying to get my fiance a laptop for Christmas. He basically needs one to produce music and editing photos. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to stay below $800. Thanks.
  2. celerons are cheaper so try that!
  3. i sooo def. suggest a mac book from apple.
  4. Definitely go Mac if he's going to be doing music production.
  5. I have the MacBook and love it, but it's a little over the OP's stated budget of 800 dollars; in this case, though, spending the little extra is well worth it.

    But if your BF is very into his computers, and is used to PCs and into the Windows OS, I wouldn't suggest buying him a MacBook. It's difficult for PC 'power-users' to get into Mac OS X.
  6. ???
    Intel Celeron is a processor, not a brand name of computer.
  7. The Macbook sounds perfect for what you want :yes: If you are still a student I believe you can get a big discount too! It could keep the price lower. Or try looking for refurbished ones.
  8. My husband bought be a Mac Book Pro for Christmas and I absolutely love it! I am a former PC user (and still use it at work) and I was able to pick up the Mac in no time at all- it is super user-friendly. Starting at $1099, they are about $300 more than your budget but are perfect for photo editing & music production. In spring 2007, Apple is launching software that will enable your Mac to run either as a PC or Mac, if you are concerned about not being able to run some programs that are unique to PC's.

    As frannita mentioned, if you are a student, work at a college or in the higher education field, or are a federal/state employee, you are eligible for a discount from Apple.

    Here is a link to the Apple online store if you want to check them out:
    The Apple Store (U.S.) - MacBook