Looking for a L'Amore Gioco..... Help Please!!!

  1. Hi,
    I am quite new to the Tokidoki brand, but after looking at all the pictures, I really want to get a L'Amore Gioco, but I am not sure where I can get one? Besides eBay, do you know where I might be able to find one online? Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. Try checking the LJ community called shoptokidoki. I know there is one listed right now but I can't say who the member is because yeahh they could be a member here and I do not want to get in trouble lmfao. So yeah, check out the LJ community.
  3. oops, that was a Paradiso Gioco (that was sold anyway) - just checked again. But yeah, sometimes Amore giocos will pop up so I'd join lolz.
  4. Thanks so much! I will go check that out... :flowers:
  5. Thanks so much for the info!
  6. i bought mine off eBay. i think it's been a bit long since its release for other retailers to have any left =/
  7. I saw a Lamore Gioco yesterday at the Downtown Seattle Macy's store about 5 p.m. They only had one Gioco Lamore (nice print placement), and one Ciao. They had lots of famiglia, some bianco, fumo, spiaggia, a couple pirata. No one was a ghost town in there, so maybe they still have it. It looked like everyone was over at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Call right away and see if they can hold it for you! You can at least earn $30 in fashion cash. I went to Bellevue Macy's today, and they didn't have an Lamore. Good luck!
  8. I got mine from LJ and love it! I don't know why this particular style is so hard to find and eBay prices have gone insanely high. I saw a couple a few weeks ago in Macy's Herald Square and they've been sitting there for quite sometime and nobody seems to want to buy them.

    I didn't want to pay retail and that's why I got it frm LJ instead. Anyway, good luck with your find and definitely give Seattle Macy's a call and ask to do a chargesend if they still have it.
  9. It has great placement and the seller sells only authentic Tokidoki. If you don't mind paying over retail, I'd say go for it! :smile:
  10. Thanks so much for the help, everyone! I just got it!! :yahoo:
  11. I just checked and Macy's Downtown Seattle is open until 9:00 tonight! I just called and they still had it, and, and I put on hold for you under "Maggie." You might want to call and give them your last name and a phone number, or call and pay for it tonight over the phone." It's on hold for you until tomorrow night closing, but you never know if someone else might want it and say they're "Maggie". 206/506-6000
  12. uh-uh .. lurkers lurkers ...
  13. Oh..she got it frm eBay already .. hahah .. congrats!

    So, just for fun, why don't you call back and see if any Maggie picked up the bag? LOL...