Looking for a Ladies' GOYARD Cross-Body/Messenger Bag...


Dec 9, 2008
Hello Everyone.

My search is on again for another GOYARD bag, this time in Navy color. My preference is something that I can free my hands from carrying a bag, hence my quest for a cross-body bag that does not look too masculine. Anybody with pictures of a bag that can fit LV's Sarah wallet, cell phone, LV small agenda, and cosmetics pouch?

I already looked at the celebrity and GOYARD threads but I am not sure of the names of the bag. I saw a burgundy Grand Bleu PM which I liked, but I want something bigger that can hold all my essentials. We do not have a boutique nearby so I can't view the pieces available.

Please HELP me! :sos:



Jul 16, 2007
Santa Monica
Rita, I think the Grand Bleu is the only messenger style that Goyard makes. There's a larger version (GM) but it looks very much like a computer bag...and therefore pretty masculine.

I'm a die-hard Goyard fan, but for a messenger I would look at LV or Fendi.


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Jun 2, 2009
The Grand Bleu comes in 3 sizes: the PM (which is my small burgundy bag), the MM (also known as the Urbain, with one clasp like the PM), and the GM (has 2 clasps, is pretty large and fits big laptops)

The MM is basically a larger version of the PM:


Photo via AmourAuthentic.com

There is also a new style that is a bit larger than the Grand Bleu PM and has two clasp belt-like closures; the Belvedere (it's the smaller one on the right)

Photo via EuropeanDesigns.net

I hope this helps!