Looking for a Jaune Step...

  1. I am looking for a jaune step and wanted a heads up before I start calling around. I am looking for a distressed smooshy leather, not smooth or dry. Please PM or respond here if you've seen one.
  2. NM Denver got one yesterday 303-329-2600
    not sure if it was very distressed, I think more smooth
    it really was very pretty
    (I wanted it and I usually like wrinkly, but smooth seemed ok to me with this more structured style)
    hope you find just what you're looking for!
  3. NEVER mind everyone!! I got one from NM!! Thanks to the lovely pfer that let me have hers on hold!!!
  4. If anyone else is looking, pm me as I found another one possibly.
  5. yay! remember to post pics when you get it!
  6. Glad you found one! For others, I believe Aloha Rag is getting the Step in jaune.
  7. I was at NM-San Francisco yesterday at about 2pm. They had one Jaune Step on display!
  8. NM Austin had one today if anyone else is looking. Ask for Michael -- he's very nice.
  9. PICS please...Don't forget about us!!!!
  10. I returned mine to Neimans in Tysons Corner, VA today. Its too small for me (smaller than the city IMO)
  11. I've seen the step IRL in the tabac and violet, and I loved the size and style. I want something thats not too big for such a bright color like jaune. I got one from NM in San Fran, it should be here Monday or Tuesday. I'm so anxious to get it!
  12. there's a jaune step in NM, union square in SF, CA