Looking for a jade green paddy

  1. Hey gals...anyone know where I could find a jade green paddy?? missed out on one on eBay and was such a beautiful color I can't stop thinking about it!! Please pass on any leads you have :yes:
  2. I was about to say that I think there is one on eBay- but it sounds like we mean the same one (as I only saw one and it was afew days ago) so it must be finished. I'll keep my eyes peeled! Good luck.
  3. yeah i thought there was one on eBay, didny know it had finished though
  4. i got one last month for 609 at Nordies in MD... i remember seeing a few more threads about some floating around MD?
  5. The Ebay seller contacted me about that one after I asked them a question, telling me something about the buyer not being able to pay and offering it to me. I looked at the link and it seemed that Ebay had actually removed the listing. This made me worried so I kept away when it reappeared. I don't know whether it sold or if it was removed again.
  6. Thank you guys for your help, Jenova....I feel better about not winning that ebay auction after reading your post. I will try to see what I can find out about MD. And Vintagelove, good to hear you recently got yours....gives me hope. Wish me luck ladies, I am on a mission!! Anymore news let me know and I promise to post pics once I track one down. :tup:
  7. Hi there...I just wanted to let you know something about the Ebay listing being removed...they have this thing called "vero", and vero is a group of people that have an interest in the "ownership/trademark" rights...each "company" or brand has a vero person on Ebay, and this vero person is the one that contacts Ebay to get the listings removed...keep in mind that the vero guy is just a person who can make mistakes regarding the authenticity of items...I had a Lacoste shirt that I listed and it was removed...and it was one of the few real ones on Ebay, bought at Golf Town but it just wasn't my style so I decided to sell it on Ebay...these vero guys I'm sure make mistakes all the time...they are just like you and me...and are quite capable of making a mistake here and there, and also it's just their opinion whether an item is fake or not, no? (unless it's one of those that are too obvious:cursing:) Well, that's all I wanted to say...:back2topic:
  8. To clarify - it was the fact that the seller went out of their way to lie to me their email that I disliked rather than the fact that the item was removed.

    The other thing that I found dubious about the listing was the mysterious reference to the bag coming from 'the boutique' which sounded very like the bag was coming direct from a Chloe boutique. In fact the source was somewhere in Eastern Europe. Maybe that could have had something to do with why the listing was removed?

    I weighed both factors up and felt that this was not straightforward.
  9. ITA! The obvious fakes seem to be able to stay right where they are. It's the genuine items that often get pulled.:rolleyes:

    The jade paddy that was up on eBay looked genuine to me. But still, that aside, i'll keep an eye out for another!;)
  10. Tell me about it...how is it that the most hideous fakes are never removed, but many times I've heard stories of good sellers having their authentic item(s) removed because some vero dude "thought" it was fake...how about doing a little less "thinking" and opening your eyes!! cuz it's pretty clear and easy to see that some of those nasty paddies are total fakes...very strange if you ask me...:confused1:
  11. I think sabinesboutique.com has one with a crossbody strap for just over 1,000 shipping and tax included. Also, Bergdorf Goodman has the jade (hobo, I think?) paddy for 1,030, and unless you are in NY or TX, you won't be charged tax. There's also a free ship code on the BG home page.
  12. Thank you so much bagatella:yahoo:I am going to check those out...and hopefully my next post will be telling you how beautiful my new paddy is!
  13. I think there is one at shopstarstyle.com
    I have never bought anything from there as I am not sure of their legitimacy, but they claim to sell authentic bags.
    Do check it out and tell me if it is legit.

  14. I checked out shopstarstyle.com but did not see any jade green chloes's...was scared to look at the others as I am not feeling particulary strong enough to resist the allure of more purses.
  15. Don't bother with the others. These are all fake, right? The prices at shopstarstyle.com are not realistic for authentic Chloe and it is not an approved reseller.