looking for a inferno ciao to complete my collection

  1. anyone know if any outlets or online stores are still selling inferno ciao's. or any small inferno bags? i found a seller wants $185 for it. should i buy it?
  2. I'd keep looking they do pop up on eBay from time to time. I don't know if the outlets have any inferno left or not :confused1:
  3. SH doesn't have any Inferno Ciaos :sad:
  4. thanks for checking
  5. I know how you feel ... if you really wanted it, you should just go get it. Sometimes, I waited too long and not willing to pay a certain price and I really regret it. Inferno Ciaos are really kinda rare now but you know what, since you've started this thread, be prepared to see a few Inferno Ciao being listed on eBay these few days. It happens whenever someone said they wanted something, they magically appear in lots. Good Luck!
  6. thanks, i feel a little bit better now. ill be looking even more this week! if not i guess im going to pay $185 for the ciao. (but it makes a lot more sense to pay $5 more and get the inferno bv instead!...oh what shall i do?)
  7. No inferno ciao at woodbury either. I checked on Friday.
  8. Q-thanks for the update..was there anything good at woodbury for toki? i am hoping spiaggia comes to the outlet in the next few weeks and then i would head up and get something. i am hoping for a coirre or someting else that inspires me.

  9. Yeah, I think I bought Woodbury's last Inferno Ciao
  10. get a f-----g life
  11. umm..okay
  12. :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  13. I'm interested to hear the justification for this. :confused1: