Looking for a handbag

  1. I am looking for an older season stam with the suede interior. Any suggestions?
  2. eBay would be your best bet. they don't have these in stock in any retailer anymore. I bought 2 stams both with the suede interior on eBay...thanks to the help of the lovely TPF authenticators (thithi, melly, forenfinal, jun3machina) and others...

    good luck!

    check the authenticate this thread for some leads. I'm not sure if these were authenticated, but maybe it's a start?


    funny, these are all in taupe. but keep looking, in the past month I have seen 3 black stams with the burgundy lining in eBay that were authenticated. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  3. Thank you sooo much! I saw the 1st and 3rd one. I thought the 3rd one was a fake. I will have them authenticated.
  4. glad I could help! I'm not sure about the 3rd one. I'd still ask for pics of the back of the zipperhead and serial number tag to be safe. Pls also take these listings to the authenticate this thread prior to bidding! those gals are the experts here! :yes: