Looking for a halo morganite ring.....

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  1. I'm on a mission! I've become obsessed with morganite and I'd love to purchase preferably a cushion cut morganite in a rose gold halo setting. I'm hesitant about etsy. Does anyone know of department stores or jewelry designers that might have this ring? Budget is around $1500. The Yurman one is nice but I really want all rose gold. Thanks in advance!
  2. PM'd you...............

  3. Can you pm me too? I am actually looking for the same exact thing as the OP
  4. Done
  5. And me? 😊 Thanks!
  6. Effy and LeVian are doing a lot of morganite these days. Make sure you show us whatever you purchase
  7. I'm admiring 2 rings on blue Nile. Are they very reputable? I guess I should do a search.

  8. I have bought several things from Blue Nile. I have been very happy with the quality and customer service. I had to return something because I found something I liked better, and the return process was easy and my refund was done quickly. I am very happy with all of my BN experiences and would definitely recommend them.

  9. Agree with BN. I got the rose gold halo morganite ring in my avatar from BN and it's even more gorgeous in person. I'm actually looking for a matching rose gold band to go with it, if anyone has any suggestions :smile:

    OP, what did you end up getting?
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464610439.993690.jpg

    I ended up purchasing a rose gold Suzanne Kalan ring. The stone is called rose de France and is like a very light amethyst. Also surrounded by halo. Very pretty.
  11. Oops. The ring in photo is not mine! I just took this picture off a web site cause it is similar.
    Flip diver - I love your ring in avatar. Do you mind sharing price range of it? Thanks so much!
  12. I got it last year from BN in a super sale, down to about $1100 from originally $1600-1800. They're sold out of the style now but the second link above to Brian Gavin Diamonds looks like the exact style - not familiar w that retailer though.