Looking for a Gym Bag like the Damier Geant Aventurier for Men

  1. I find that my Keepall 55 is a little too big to use when I go to the gym (I'm still keeping it though) so I'm looking for a smaller gym bag. I really like the style of the Damier Geant Aventurier but it's kinda pricy. Do you guys have any other similar bags to recommend? I'm considering getting the Albatros instead but it's almost as big as a Keepall so that might not be a good fit.

    Here's a picture of the Aventurier *drools*:
  2. I'm considering the Monogram Carryall but the vachetta scares me to death haha (if I ever get stuck in the rain, it could be ruined).
  3. What about a smaller keepall?