Looking for a green bag

  1. I need your help ladies. I'm looking for a bright green bag, a Kelly green would be perfect. It has to be large, let's say at least 15" wide. Price has to be less than $1,000. TIA
  2. What about a Balenciaga in Vert Gazon? Like this one...

  3. :drool: :love: balenciaga in that green is TDF.
  4. www.musthavebag.com has SO many green tanos, the Hollywood is in a to die for color. i will post some of my faves when i fix the link for the Dolce!

    thanks to bessie for lettin me know bout the dolce post!
  5. ok so the elux link i had was NOT working. this is the best i can do:


    search for green leather at www.eluxury.com to find this patent leather lovely!
  6. That Bal green is amazing, I've actually been eyeing that. VB, thanks, I'll need to look through all those, you are always a great help on these searches.
  7. How about a Louis Vuitton green Epi Speedy if you can find one? There was a good looking one on eBay not long ago. They're gorgeous!
  8. that Abro is a delicious green!~
  9. Belen Echandia is coming out with a bright Apple Green for their new bags in 2008. They are under $1,000. Email:
    jackie@belenechandia.com get the details from her. They make beautiful bags-I have one! Tell her Jan sent you!:yes:
  10. OK, I'm a dummy, I just now saw you're the one who posted about the green Kale bags! And there I was thinking I was helpful.