Looking for a great travelling purse.

  1. Hello. I will be travelling a lot this late summer/fall. I am looking for a bag that is in a brown or green color. I love soft leather bags. I am a mom, so something big, but not too "flashy".
    Any suggestions?????
  2. Is this too flashy for you? It's a Belen Echandia, I have it in red, which is flashy, lol, but I think it's a great travel bag. Very organized bag. It has three compartments inside, the centre one has a zipper to keep valuables and the other two are open for items that you need to reach easily. It's very roomy, but doesn't look huge. And the long strap is very comfy for when your bag gets heavy.
  3. What about a Longchamp Le Pilage? It's nylon; it's very light weight plus you don't have to worry about stains. It's a shoulder bag and it holds a lot. No organization at all inside though.
  4. i second this option! also you can fold it down so it takes up less space!

  5. I use a Herve Chepalier. Very similar to Le Pliage.
  6. I just went on a safari and to the Seychelles for two weeks and I took my Kale Palmer. It was awesome. Gigantic enough to stuff all my needs including passport, etc., and could even hold a sweater. And although it's large, because of the way it's structured, I wasn't rooting through it trying to find stuff like you would in a hobo. The other nice thing is it's a convertible, so if you need a tote, you just unsnap the sides, and voila! The lining is a beautiful fuschia suede, and the leather is awesome!
  7. Thank you for all of the suggestions. I have never heard of Kale Palmer. I have been looking online, but haven't found many results. Do you know where I might find one? Is there a specific bag that you would recommend?
  8. The brand she montioned is Kale, and the style is the Palmer.
    I have heard great things about these bags.

  9. I totally agree with these other suggestions, and you might also want to check out the Gustto Setela. I traveled with mine and found it to be ideal...it holds a ton, looks great full or empty, and the leather is delicious!
  10. You may also want to consider the Hayden Harnett Ibiza travel tote. It comes in an olive green and tan color. I recently got one in black for an upcoming trip to Ireland and I really like it. It folds up so you can make it a smaller east west or a large tote or crossbody. It's nylon so you wouldn't have to worry about the weather too!
  11. I have the HH Ibiza tote- but I have never even used it :confused1:
  12. I second that recommendation! :tup:
  13. One thing to keep in mind about most Kale bags is that they are suede-lined, which increases the weight of the bag. I'm not sure what kind of travelling you are planning on doing, but if bag weight is an issue, you might want to go with one that has a synthetic or twill lining.