Looking for a great designer diaper bag

  1. I just found out I'm expecting and want to start on the great quest for a diaper bag well ahead of time so I can really be sure I get the bag I want and hopefully can find a great deal on it. I'm young and very active but also enjoy the finer things in life. This bag will have to go everywhere and be very durable and NOT WHITE!!!!!! I know I will stain the bag/drop the bag/a dozen horrible things I would never want to see happen to my favorite designer purses...so I'm sure plenty of you have been on this quest before...any advice??? I'd prefer something gender neutral that doesn't scream diaper bag!!! (unless it's just too cute!!!)

    Just for a style background- my favorite daily wears are a black Dior street chic purse, a dark choco fendi spy, a mono LV speedy, a LV Luco, a black nylon Prada for rainy days and older leather Balenciaga. I'm short and sporty-looking/petite (that last part might change though!).

    Thank you sooooo much in advance!!!! You girls have such great taste I can't wait to see what you suggest:smile: .
  2. I have had 3 babies and just want to warn you that diaper bags can get veryyyy dirty. I was like you, I wanted a stylish designer one....I hated the typical crappy diaper bag. I know its not top of the line but Kate Spade has some cute ones and they're not over the top expensive. Coach also has some nice ones. If I was to have another baby I swear I would use a speedy 35 or something to that effect.

    Good luck and congrats!!!!
  3. I love the coach ones, esp. the pebbled leather ones....so much so that I use them for my laptop tote.

    Very study, great pockets, don't scream diaper bag, available at the outlets for about 250! Comes in brown, black, red and white.

    Here is my red one
  4. Wow Tinkle, that's cute! I especially love the red color! I know that's more effort to keep clean but it's stunning.

    Bagladie, are you serious about the speedy?? My LV's have been bombproof but I never thought about actually using one for a diaper bag!
  5. I don't have any suggestions but wanted to say congratulations!!
  6. :heart: Thanks so much Pghandbag! That's so sweet of you! :heart:
  8. Juicy has I diaper bag. It was too big for me, but you might like it. I gave up the search and usually carry a large gucci chain hobo or large gucci tote. I especially love the gucci tote. It's the perfect size and easy to get in and out of. Good luck and congratulations.
  9. Congratulations!
    I must have test-driven about 10 diaper bags with my twins. By far, my favorites were the DanteBeatrix baby beatrix tote (nylon) and the baby beatrix luxe (leather). The handles were adjustable from short (the short still fit on the shoulder) to long and were very comfortable and stayed on my shoulder. Also, the "love travels photo frame" is so cute--looks like a luggage tag and holds a photo of your baby. I gave my bag all kinds of abuse, and it still looks great. I use it as a work tote now and get many compliments from people who have no idea it is actually a diaper bag. Here is link to the website:
    Dante Beatrix -- Shop

    I also liked OiOi bags, but they are not as versatile, imo. Both brands are also available from Zappos.com--free shipping and free returns :smile:
  10. Do you get People Magazine? The new issue has a photo of Heidi Klum's diaper bag. It is so cute. It's black leather with silver hardware and, according to People, has a rocker-chick vibe. It is really cute. It's made by a company called "Nest."
  11. Congratulations! Well, I gotta' tell ya' I loooove my Gucci one. The LV is too heavy and the Gucci is lightweight and can be stuffed with tons of things. You can also use it as a travel bag later on like Paris Hilton. :supacool:
  12. Congratulations :heart: & Sorry i don't have any suggestions .
  13. HI echo23 - Congratulations! I don't have any suggestions, but wanted to tell you that you are SO doing the right thing looking for a diaper bag you will love. I have 2 kids, and during their babyhood had a horrible diaper bag, and felt unstylish and frumpy whenever I used it. Most of your time will be spent looking after your little one, so having a fantastic and stylish diaper bag will make you look & feel GREAT! :heart:
  14. Congratulations!!!! I had my baby 7 months ago (exactly!) and I got myself two diaper bags - one cloth one from Petit Bateau bec you can throw it in the washing machine. The other one was my little treat - from my finance's point of view - a Storksak Gigi - check out their website. they have a lot of styles I got it in babyblue but they do it now in black and brown as well.
    It is nylon with leather and super practical.

    also, my brother's wife uses a Longchamp one for baby clothes (the pliage line??? the folded style) and she has like a net for all the diaper changing stuff and a small babybjoern changing bag in there. Too many things for me but if you are not keen on diaper bags it is an option.