looking for a great clutch? i just bought two!


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Nov 18, 2005
since i sold my LV jasmin on ebay and made off with some cash, i bought these two cute little clutches, since i don't have any at all in my collection. i still have about $150 left from my jasmin. :lol:

i think i shall update my bag collection as well. there have been some subtractions...

the bottega veneta was my first choice from NAP. it says it's a cosmetic case, but i think it would make a great clutch, the leather is oh so soft. the hardware is gold. the zippers have two little pull tassles. inside is lined with beige canvas, there are no dividers.

my second choice is the LV wapity. this is my first monogram LV piece believe it or not. it's really cute! i got it initially as a key holder/stuff that gets lost in my huge bags. but i can see myself swinging it around in the summer as i go out shopping. haha.


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here's the wapity. it comes in it's own cute drawer. the keys are for size.


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bella1 said:
Fayden, both are so cute. I especially adore the BV. Do you know what other color it comes in and how much may I ask? :love:

i only saw it at NAP in black, and it cost about 270.00 after duties and shipping.
purselova34 said:
I :love: both pieces. You most hear this all the time, but you have great taste. This place is making me want a wapity.

aaaaw thank you! :biggrin: wapity is pretty darn cute, i love the inside lining, it's red and soft...