looking for a great BB cream that is good for dry skin !

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  1. any recommendations ? I have tried Chantecaille but need something a bit more moisturiing.... thanks in advance.
  2. i am using and loving natura bisse the sheer cure
  3. Thanks so much. I will check that one out ! :smile:
  4. It's not technically a BB cream but more of a tinted moisturizer - Stila sheer color tinted moisturizer. Feels so good on my dry skin and actually provides decent coverage too.
  5. thanks PB ! :smile: another great idea. I just want something light for summer .... a tinted moisturizer is good.
  6. History of Whoo, LA Roche Posay Anthelios (tinted & very lightweight)
    Dr. Denese (which you can buy on QVC & if you don't like,you can get your money back)
    Missha is fabulous
  7. id recommend you hit up a beauty mega store/nice department store
    and ask for samples of a list of what you are interested in
    do try them on before you make a purchase if possible
  8. Sometimes my skin is drier and I use Shiseido cream before I put on anything else.
  9. Diorskin nude bb creme
  10. I am using NOTE Natural Beauty Set including BB Concealer, Lip Corrector, and BB Cream.
    I bought it from Shop LC https://www.shoplc.com/online-store/Beauty/Featured-Brands/Note-Cosmetics/NOTE-Natural-Beauty-Set-BB-Concealer%2C-Lip-Corrector%2C-and-BB-Cream-%28Dark-03%29/p/3020675#.XMvRTjAzbcs
    NOTE BB Cream blends seamlessly to offer natural-looking coverage. Also helps skin to look younger and healthier.