Looking for a good TRUFFLE description...

  1. HI ladies, have not seen this color IRL and am looking for a RH Work in a medium brown color with olive green undertones. Does truffle fit the bill? Or do you have any other suggestions? Not looking for a really dark brown color, and I have looked at lots of pics but it isn't easy to see the tone of Truffle- pls help! thank you!!:yahoo:
  2. I think there were 2 Truffles -- one from 06 and one from 07. If you search for Truffle on RDC, I think the pictures there are pretty true to life. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think 07 Truffle is more brown than 06 Truffle.
  3. I have the truffle 07 here is my hobo it's a rich darl caramel color Truffle is one of my favorite browns:
  4. My sister just received her truffle today. It's an '07 truffle. Has no olive undertones to it at all. In fact, it is a very nice medium brown. It is not dark brown. If you're looking for undertones, I don't think 2007 truffle is the one.
  5. I have an '06 Truffle. It does not have any Olive undertones at all either....
  6. If you want Olive tones you should try Vert FOnce it can look brown or deep olive green.
  7. Agree, Vert Fonce fits what you described! I would also say Khaki if you want something lighter.
  8. thank you ladies!! i really appreciate all the help
  9. Truffle is the one in the middle....I would describe it as a good med. brown.