Looking for a good mattress

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    I've been looking for the good mattress over the last two weeks. I'm 4'11" and weight 270 lbs. I was wondering which mattress would be best for me a very firm bed with a latex topper ( the latex topper can be changed out) or would a sterns and foster latex mattress hold up for 10 yrs. I tried one sterns and foster latex pillow top for $2969 on sale in a queen size.

    I tried a sterns and fosters trisha luxury firm . for $1700. it was okay. I'm hearding a lot of bad things about mattress. I'm hearing that most don't last very long

    any tips or suggestions?
  2. Temperpedic

    Best Mattress Ever
  3. I agree about Temperpedic. I needed a very soft mattress and have the Temperpedic cloud luxe and love it. They have great mattresses with different levels of firmness to choose from.
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    I bought two twin size mattresses to make a king size bed. They were the COMFORT DREAMS LUMBAR BACK SUPPORT mattress from www.overstock.com They have a foam topper and are triple foam I think. I researched them online because we were never happy with our mattress. They say for larger people the foam is better then the springs. Since we got these Both hubby and I have sleep through the night. Before I had such a problem. Hubby snores and I would wake up every time he moved. Now he can get out of bed and I don't even know he woke up. They are not expensive but are much better then the more expensive brand name mattresses we have bought in the past. Even my kids love to lie and read in my bed because it is so comfortable. I did put an extra 2 inch foam topper on my bed because I had it from my old bed and was used to sleeping with it. I am very happy with this mattress and have tried out a few others in the mattress store in town after I bought this just to compare but liked this one better. I really was not in the market to spend three thousand dollars on a mattress.

    I think there is a website called www.sleeplikethedead.com that will give reviews on many mattresses. But as with reviews they are all subjective to their own way of collecting information.
  5. Sleep number. On my second on. No mattress compares.
  6. I have always had Stearns & Foster but I have to admit I'm disappointed in the current one I purchased about 3 years ago. It's a pillowtop which means you can't flip it and it's literally sagging in the middle. I called their customer service and they will replace it as per the warranty after it sags 1.5". Right now it's at about 1.25" so I need to wait until it sags another 1/4" to try and get them to replace it.
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    i also love Stearns and Foster. the mattress i have are made from all-natural materials which i really love.
    i used to have the Tempurpedic (Cloud-Luxe) and hated it. it emits an awful, chemical odor which causing me headaches. when i google tempurpedic, i read alot of negative reviews people saying they started getting headaches, dizziness (same as i'm experiencing) since getting the Tempuperdic. there are also some studies claiming the Tempurpedic's memory foam contains higher level of toxic chemcals compared to a natural latex mattress which could be the reason why some people are getting sick.

    OP, please do a thorough research before you buy your mattress. you might be sensitive to the out-gassing smell of memory foam mattress like me.

  8. I know there are threads on this already because I remember posting. But anyway, I'm a big fan of a natural latex mattress. Nothing compares (in my biased opinion:biggrin:) in terms of support, comfort, and durability. Tempurpedic seems like it's very heat/cold sensitive, a quality I don't much like. Latex is temperature neutral, plus hypoallergenic.
  9. Essentia. And if not Essentia then Carpe Diem (but that has a very pricey tag to along with it)
  10. :heart: tempurpedic
  11. Thanks. I'm going to look at the sleep number mattress and the temp-uric mattress this weekend.
  12. thanks All take that into consideration
  13. Really? I thought they sleep hot? We have a latex mattress and while it's insanely comfortable, it gets really hot and retains that heat. Despite the comfort, we will not go with a latex mattress next time around.
  14. I forget the brand mattress that I have. It's a pillow top and very comfy but super heavy and hard to move around. Had it about 2 years and just turned it around so I can let it wear evenly. Very comfortable. But it sleeps very hot and I find myself sweating through the night more often than not- which I don't do in other beds. I didn't learn about this until after I bought it. So read reviews and make sure you know what you're getting.

    I did get a floor sample which is cheaper than brand new. The beds are barely used and they clean them first. It was a fraction of the price of new and looked and felt perfect to me. If you're going the sleepy's route I would definately look into it.
  15. No, they don't. Are you sure you have a latex mattress? Perhaps you actually have memory foam, or Tempurpedic (neither being latex)? Please confirm: I'm really curious.