Looking for a good bag to carry books

  1. I am getting ready to start my classes and I am looking for an "all purpose" bag. I have a Musette and BH already. I love both but I would really like something that I can throw my books into but not so big that I couldn't use it on a daily basis. I have looked at the Cabas Mezzo(which I think is beautiful), luco tote, babylone. I want something that can be carried on the shoulder. The Mezzo states different dimensions on the LV website and on Eluxury. On LV it states 14.9x13x6.1 but on the eLuxury site it states 19x13x6, big difference. Does anyone know the actual size? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Sac Shopping *if there's any left, it's Discontinued*
    It's open top, so stuffing books wouldn't be so hard...

  3. Abesses, if you like messenger style.
  4. I'm not really into the messenger style bag. The sac shopping looks great but I probably won't be able to find one. It looks almost exactly like the Babylone only without the vacetta on the bottom and without the zipper.
  5. The sac shopping is pretty huge. How about a damier saleya or a vavin GM?
  6. so why not the babylone?
  7. I really love the mono canvas so I am trying to stay with that. I had thought about the Vavin but wasn't sure if I would be able to carry that on my shoulder. I also saw a Babylone online from a Mypoupette certified seller in very good condition for around $600 but I don't want to buy it because I haven't gone to try all the bags on. I don't want to buy it and then be sorry that I didn't get a different bag. If I could find a sac shopping I would definitely consider it.
  8. I love the Mezzo..that's the one I use not only for my books for school, but for clothing when I travel.

    And to note, my Mezzo measures about 17.5"x13.5"
  9. the Vavin GM can definitely fit on the shoulder but not the smaller one. =)
  10. Mezzo will meet your need..
  11. If you plan on carrying a lot of books the mezzo might not be the best choice. Because the top gets narrower than the base it's harder to pull notebooks/books out if you're carrying a lot.
  12. i carried all my books in my vavin gm (it fits about two and other things) all through my freshman year of highschool which was last year...
  13. i suggest the mezzo