Looking for a Ghost

  1. Help! I've been trying to find the ghost and no one has it. BalNY isn't ordering them this season. Has anyone come across one, or know where I can find one?
  2. Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbour, FL had at least one in when I was there, but that was mid July, I don't think it is too popular a style, so it might still be there. It's worth a call though - (305) 865 6161. I dealt with Myra. I was not interested in the style, so I don't even remember the colour, but it was there.

    I wish you well,

  3. How much is the ghost?
  4. Thanks Bridget. I gave them a try, but they didn't have any.

    Tanja, They are listed on atelier.naff at $385.
  5. Lenabean- I saw one in black at Barney's Boston, MA at Copley Mall.
  6. I'm so sorry lenabean- I didn't see the ghost it was the oval!!!!
  7. No problem. I did call Barneys, but they didn't have it. Several of the stores I've called have that large oval clutch and think that's what I'm looking for. I did see someone on the pf had a picture of a ghost posted somewhere. (sigh!~) Unfortunately, I'm not having any luck.
  8. I thought I saw one last week at NM in White Plains NY
  9. I've given up the ghost ;) and just purchased a makeup clutch. It's the perfect size. I think the ghost would have been too big.

    Isn't she beautiful!
  10. Your clutch is fabulous!!! Congratulations, the color looks great!
  11. lenabean- aren't the clutches the best! I just got one in black! I love your lilac! It's so pretty!:love:

  12. A black oval? Oh i love it..but is so expensive in $ :crybaby: :crybaby: and Bal Paris have it only in white, ink, cornflower and orange.
  13. The title of this thread always makes me laugh...like you're part of the Ghostbusters or something. Lol, sorry, I'm a complete nerd.
  14. L_B- did you want me to go and see if Barney's still has the black for you? I don't remember how much it is!
  15. I think retail price is 695$, in € 475 but in Paris they don't have it in black