Looking For A Ghost Clutch!!!!!please Help!!!!

  1. I am desperately seeking a ghost clutch, I know that they had them at Bal NY before Christmas but i was too late and they don't have any anymore. Does anyone know other stores that might have one or anyone who can help me get one?? please please :smile:
  2. There is one on eBay at the moment and the seller is a PF'er
  3. Oh no, another TPFer looking for a Ghost..
    You missed this eBay listing that ended just a day before your posting :sad:
    It is an 05 Calcaire Ghost with beautiful leather..
    If you do a search under the "'Completed Listing" you will find it..
    Perhaps you could email the seller (who happens to be a TPFer :smile:) asking whether she still has the item..

    Good luck!
  4. Does Bal still make the ghost clutch?? I don't know that much about bal so I'm just wondering cause i want to get a ghost clutch too.. its a great price and perfect for what i need it for..
  5. The ghost has unfortunately been discontinued since 2006 :sad:
  6. And your avatar is so cute Fijibuni! :nuts:
  7. ^ Thanks hehe

    Thats a bummer about the ghost.... so Balny wouldn't have any... i really want one!!!!
  8. *really liking your cute avatar :p

    I dont think BalNY has any left, but I remember quite sometimes ago a member got the pale rose one from BalParis..:yes:
  9. ^its the flowerhead character from murakami for louis vuitton (I didn't know if you knew that but just in case lol hehe) I'm totally in love with it!

    ooo you can buy from paris!!! ooo la la!

    Would I have to call to France or could I get the one in New York to? My french is not that good, I know a little but not enough.. haha