Looking for a furry friend? Consider the following options

  1. If you are in Southeastern NC- please look up The Haven in Raeford, NC. They also hold pet adoptions at Petsmart in Fayetteville, NC.

    "The largest no-kill animal shelter in North Carolina has been asked by state officials to provide more space to house its nearly 1,100 animals, but the shelter's founder said the upgrades could cost $2 million. About 700 dogs and 450 cats are kept at Friends for Life at the Haven, a shelter located about five miles west of Raeford. State officials have asked the organization to build additional shelter because of the number of animals it houses."
  2. Things seem to be getting covered here really well, but I wanted to add that adopting an animal from animal control/humane society or other rescue groups is the most satisfying thing anyone can possibly do. We were so totally devastated when Sam died that we couldn't breathe. I was seriously concerned that my husband would never recover. Then he saw Gracie's mug shot and then Gracie when he came home.......it was all over. He's totally in love.

    So many people comment on how we rescued Gracie, but the reality is that Gracie rescued us. :heart:

  3. ^okay, that made me tear up...

    my ruby came from a shelter and they were going to euthanize her (it's NOT a no kill shelter). and i think the same way as prada...i didn't save ruby. she has saved me. every time i'm upset and i see that face, it just goes away and everything is okay again. she's my saving grace. :heart:
  4. I volunteer for a no-kill cat rescue and placement center in West Michigan. All of the kitties up for adoption are listed on Petfinder. They are all up-to-date on their shots and have been spayed/neutered.

    The most amazing thing is that there is a special shelter called Big Sid's which is designated solely for kitties who are FIV and/or FeLV positive. They are placed there and allowed to live there the rest of their lives unless they are lucky enough to be adopted, which does happen.

  5. One of my favorite places that I always give money to is Best Friends in Utah. They save all pets, no matter what shape they are in.


    It is my dream to vacation there one day.
  6. For any of you in the Albuquerque area, my girl came from the nice people at ANEW. I still send them a card and some PetSmart gift cards every year with updates on how she's doing.

    Here's also a link a lot of the shelters in New Mexico:

    I have to agree, shelter / rescue animals make the best pets. I strongly encourage anyone who's looking to adopt to check out your local shelters.
  7. I love the message you wrote! I totally agree that adopting a pet is a great idea! Every animal deserves to be loved!
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  8. Wow. That's fantastic :wtf: Thanks for posting, I'd love to volunteer there one day :yes:
  9. Great idea, RenataM!!!

    I've found a lot of rescue groups by googling "pet rescue" and the name of the city I live in.

    YAY to everyone who adopts rescue animals and to those who support these organizations!!! :yahoo:
  10. Any animal rescue organizations located in Canada?
  11. ^Here's the ones that I know of in Quebec:

    Sphinx Project: http://www.sphinxprojet.com/en/
    Animal Rescue Network: http://www.reseausecoursanimal.org/
    Animatch: http://www.animatch.ca/fr-accueil.asp
    Steri-Animal: http://members.petfinder.org/%7EQC10/index.html
    CASCA (cats): http://www.cascaorg.com/
    SOS Miow: http://www.1-800-save-a-pet.com/adoption_rescue/70305.html
    Rosie's Animal Adoption: http://www.rosieanimaladoption.org/
    ACSA: http://www.centreacsa.com/accueil.asp
    Golden Retriever Rescue: http://www.goldenrescuequebec.com/
    SPCA Montérégie: http://www.spcamonteregie.com/
    SPCA Laurentides-Labelle: http://www.spcall.ca/

    Greyhound Rescues in Canada:

    Greyhound Pets Inc: http://www.greyhoundpetsinc.org/
    Northwest Canadian Greyhound League: http://www.ncgl.ca/index.php
    Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue: http://www.chinookwindsgreyhounds.org/
    Saga: http://www.sagaa.org/
    Adopt a Greyhound of Central Canada: http://www.adopt-a-greyhound.com/
    GRA Canada: http://www.gracanada.com/
    GINA: http://www.saveagrey.com/
    NGA: http://www.xracer.ca/
    Greyhound Rescue Quebec: http://www.soslevriersquebec.com/home.html
    The League of Extraordinary Greyhounds: http://www.t-legs.com/
    Maritime Greyhounds: http://www.greyhoundadoption.ca/
    Greyhounds Atlantic Canada: http://www.gpac.ca/