Looking for a furry friend? Consider the following options

  1. Prada can you sticky this thread please?

    Hello everyone!
    After seeing a couple of threads that were started by fellow TPFers looking for advice on where to find a pet I suggested to Prada Psycho about starting a reference thread with information for rescue groups and shelters.

    I am a strong supporter of adopting a pet from a rescue group or shelter and giving them a second chance to be loved. There is nothing wrong with getting a dog from a reputable breeder however if it's a specific breed you have in mind there are rescue groups for pretty much every breed of dog, cat and even small critters like bunnies and hampsters.

    Feel free to add to this thread and include your personal experience.

    www.petfinder.org is an amazing website to start off and you can narrow down you search by anymal type, breed, age, gender, etc. It will also allow you to search for pets in your area so you don't have to travel far to find your next furry companion.

    I adopted my aussie shepherd from ARPH - Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline. SO and I had to fill a very detailed application and we had a representative came to our home and assess the property to make sure our new pet would have enough space to run and also fences since aussies are herding dogs and if they're allowed to get bored they will go on excursions or try to herd cars/bikes/pedestrians.
  2. ITA,that is such a GREAT idea.
  3. Hm, i like this! Although i probably wouldn't be adopting another pet anytime too soon, i'd still like to show some support! Thank you for this very useful link! I'll keep it in mind if i ever need to find a new furry companion! (= I am currently happily in love with my two Chihuahuas!
  4. :tup:Thanks for the replies ladies...I will be adding other links added by fellow pfers in other threads to have a bigger "data base"...now if I could just take a break from work :sweatdrop:
  5. RenataM, thank you for starting this wonderful thread.

    If anyone of you in the UK is looking to adopt a border collie or a working sheepdog, please visit this site:

  6. :welcome: passerby you are very welcome... Shelter pets make some of the best pets..they eill always be very grateful to be given a second chance.

    I did some more research and found a similar website to petfinder and it has an amazing data base of rescue groups, cats and dogs for adoption and also many reputable causes you can donate to. The link is: http://www.1-800-save-a-pet.com/

    Some more information on Australian Shepherd Rescue Groups:
    Main ARPH web page: http://aussierescue.org/
    In Ontario, Canada: http://www.ontarioaussies.ca/
    Northeastern USA: http://members.aol.com/arphinc/page_3.html
  7. We adopted both our cats from petfinder.com. What a great site!
  8. Thank you Irishgal for the link for the Doxie rescue where she got both her Doxies:


    In addition to the doxie rescue she added this wonderful link to a Pet Loss Grief Support Website containingthe story of rainbow bridge, live chat rooms and a weekly candle ceremony in memory of our beloved pets:

  9. I just went to their new little pet store (in the seattle/mill creek area) today and unlike the larger chain stores, every portion of sales goes toward rescue. If you need to purchase items for your dog, consider this option. They're geared toward healthy, holistic alternatives also and extremely warm and caring.

  10. Oh, and I forgot to add. They're all volunteers, not paid employees even though it looks like a retail store. So, that's extra $$ that goes to animals, instead of people.
  11. For anyone in the Orange County California area this is an excellent agency. We adopted Glenn, our domestic short haired black beauty from them.

    For anyone along the OC coast, HB in particular, there is a wonderful shelter off of PCH and Newland that my husband and I try visit once or twice a month. This shelter allows volunteers to walk the dogs and sometimes you are able to take them to the dog beach!!! I always leave this particular shelter crying because I want to take all the animals home with me!!!

    Please spread the word. There are so many animals that need loving homes and families.