Looking for a fun part-time job. Anyone every worked at Saks, Neimans, Nordies, etc..

  1. I'm looking for just something fun and part-time, and I thought I might as well look at these places since I already spend so much time there. It would be nice to be taking some $$ OUT of the store instead of pumping it all INTO the store. :graucho: Does anyone have any experience working there? I'm wondering how they treat their employees, what the discount is like etc.. I know some people have retail horror stories so I'm trying to avoid that kind of situation. :yucky:

    Thanks y'all! :smile:
  2. Talking to my SA friends, working in retail isn't very fun. In a high end store, during the week you end of spending most of your time waiting for customers to enter the store so it gets very boring. Also because a lot of places pay commission, competition among the SAs can be huge.
  3. In college I worked for one semester in a store that is now Macy*s. I worked in the juniors department so it was fun. I got a great discount too -- I think it was 30% on full price and sale items.

    Other times I worked in Hallmarks, which is less stressful and very low key, if that's what you're looking for.
  4. I worked in BG and Bloomies. I loved being around fashion all the time and the discounts were great, but the hours seem to drag and the work sometimes was hard. Good luck whatever you decide...
  5. I've worked at Nordies... Regular customers are really great and eventually get to know you by name and look forward to seeing you when they come in. My discount was 20%, was eh, but depending upon the department you're in you get free stuff - I know BP was getting free jeans allll the time! If I was going to go back to retail, I'd definitely go back to Nordies and enroll in the manager's program. :smile: HTH!
  6. The fragrance salesgirls earn a good bit for basic retail, around $9-15 an hour. I did that for one holiday season, but stopped after that. It is massively competitive because it's mostly older women and you get commission. They can be nasty nasty nasty! My SO's mum does it occasionally because she is a great salesperson and loves to do it, and she happens to be ridiculously nice, but there are a lot of ladies around her that are less than kind, and will steal your customers. But hey if you're a great salesperson, and deal with some catty women, and want to earn a good bit of cash, it's a good job for you!

    Oh and I did it at Belk, no experience with Neimans/Nordies, etc. but you can tell by how hard they press you that they get commission.
  7. Do you know the salary range and requirements of a Nordstrom's manager? TIA!:yes:
  8. I worked retail a long, long time ago. Because my salary was partially commission based people would become really competitive and steal customers. Also I spent alot of my paycheck at the store - I think it just encourages spending.
  9. I've never worked retail but I saw a guy in the shoe department at Saks get really snippy with the other guy working there because the second guy happened to be standing around me when I asked to try on shoes but the first (snippy) guy was the first one who had talked to me when I first walked in. I guess he figured the second guy was stealing his customer. I ended up not even buying anything so it was a fight for nothing.
  10. My parents owned some retail stores in the mall. I always joke that the malls are like home to me since that's where I grew up. :p Anyways, I could never work in a retail store again. I always get the itch to do it p/t. But, I remember dealing with customers and I don't think any amount of money could get me back into working in retail.
  11. i worked at bloomingdales for 1.5 years as a ralph lauren specialist in the men's department. it can definitely be challenging at times - dealing with rude customers, being on your feet all day, competition amongst other SA's are all downsides of the job. however, it can also be really fun and rewarding, not to mention the employee discounts are awesome :smile:
  12. Try looking for a Best Buy that hires personal shopping assistants. I've been working with the company for 3+ years and it's a great company to work part time for.