Looking for a Foresta Denaro

  1. Anyone seen any for sale anywhere?? TIA
  2. I don't think I've ever seen a Foresta one for sale (well, after they stopped being on the website). :s

  3. Really? I have seen a couple on eBay but I didn't realize I wante one at the time:tdown:
  4. Ah, well, I don't search for Denaros on there that often..that could be why I haven't seen any. :push: I hope you find one though!
  5. I hope you find one, too! They're so cute~ :p
  6. Thanks everyone! I guess I will contine to stalk eBay/LJ!
  7. good luck tvstar !!!
  8. i checked eBay...no sightings on a foresta denaro. it's hard to find past designs, i too am on a mission to find a paradiso denaro. i'm just thinking about getting a plain black denaro so it can match all my bags.

    i wish i bought what i wanted when it came out! so i don't have to search and search.
  9. Since I've become toki obsessed (lol) I've seen a total of two foresta denaros for sale on shoptokidoki, and one for sale on ebay (a little while back)... So I would just keep stalking those areas. Good luck!
  10. ^^thanks!:smile:
  11. Same here... I remember there being a LOT of them on ebay at one point, but I thought the prices were all too high. I'm sure they'd seem really low now with hindsight.
  12. I LOOOOOVE my Notte Denaro...it doesn't get dirty, matches everything, and Adios and Nero are looking at me every time I open it!! :tup:

  13. I think eBay or LJ are your only options. I was fortunate to find one on eBay a couple months ago after I got my Zucca. Like Maya, I have that compulsion that I have to have a matching denaro for every print I own. I have a LOT of denaros in my collection now.:rolleyes::nogood:
  14. I got mine on eBay for $59.99, not sure if thats a good price. Was about 3 months ago
  15. oh wow Yasha ... that was a great price IMO :yes: