Looking for a flat brass hobo!

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  1. PSA-

    Did you think maybe she was/is a TPF'r? :confused1::smile:
  2. I don't think she was. I chatted with her briefly as she was paying for her things and I asked her if she knew what a treasure she just scored for that price. She acted kind of surprised and said "well they are making these Flat Brass hobos again you know, so you can just buy a new one" and then we had a conversation where I told her what she had just bought vs. the newer besace style. I told her I had three different FB hobos myself and they were rare as hen's teeth. I'm not sure she really understood or appreciated her score. Pity! :sad:
  3. ^^Man, it hurts that she couldn't even appreciate it as I would have. :crybaby::crybaby:

  4. maybe she'll put it on ebay, Beaux!
  5. ^^Yes, but at how much of an inflated price? :crybaby: I'd still love to find one without it costing an obscene amount of money...

  6. I feel like I'll never find one. :crybaby:
  7. ((hugs)) you will! You have good Bbag karma, you've scored a lot of great bags!
  8. ^^ Our dear Beaux is looking for an oldie flat hobo.:yes:

    Hope you find one soon, dear!!
  9. ^^Thank you chinkee21 and imonpurseblog. Fingers crossed!!!