Looking for a flat brass hobo!

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  1. HGBags has one listed in her newest e-mail, but she doesn't specify the year. Great price though! Good luck finding your perfect bag! :tup:
  2. HGBag's Besace is gone, I just asked her for you beaux! Boo.
  3. Maybe Beaux got it?
  4. ^^You guys are really the best. No I didn't get it. I really do appreciate everyone trying to let me know. I was in a work meeting and saw the messages and contacted her as SOON as it got it (only an hour later) and it was in her words: "long gone". I've been so sad about it, any other day and I would have seen Erica's email promptly, but I missed it because of this stupid work meeting. So upset....

    I really do appreciate your efforts in trying to help me find one. Sigh. I really hope another one comes along soon. Sorry to be such a crybaby.....
  5. ^^ GAHHHH.

    It wasn't meant to be. The search continues.
  6. Hey, I'm always ASLEEP when Erica sends her new stock emails out -- never a chance to grab something special. Damn time zones.

    There'll be another Beaux (and if you ever find one that you don't like for some reason, let me know please, I'd love to track one down too).

  7. ^^I will drati. And thanks again everyone. I'm going to mourn missing this one for a while, I really hope I can find another. This one was actually priced well as opposed to most i've seen that are super inflated. sigh.
  8. fingers crossed for you!
  9. When I saw Erica's email I straight away thought about you and really hoped you'd get it "J"!

    So, so sorry to hear you missed out!

    Like Rere said, the search continues and we will still keep an eye out!
  10. ^^Thank you aki. I really hope I find one. :heart:
  11. Beaux - i was just in NYC and was in Fisch for the Hip (great consignment store for designer bags in Chelsea) and I saw an 02 black FB hobo - granted it was 3rd season - but BLACK for $900. I asked the salesperson to grab it off the shelf for me - there was literally only 1 other lady in the store browsing but the store is smallish - and the other customer steps in front of me and says - oh I've already claimed that bag....bummer. I was going to just buy it for you Beaux believe it or not with the thought that if you didn't want it one of our other tPF ladies would want it for only $900!!! Oh well. Best of intentions.....BUT if any of you are able to drop into that store, they did have several Bals in there and since they seem to focus on Hermes they don't price their other bags high at all.
  12. psaseattle - you are amazing! I would have totally purchased that bag if I was able to. On one hand I feel like the universe in taunting me with all these "near misses" but more I feel so lucky to have such a fantastic group of ladies looking out for me, now I feel like it will happen... it's just a matter of time. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. I think I would have gotten into a fist fight with that other customer to get that bag!!!!
  14. Pia - u must be kidding, how i wish i'm in that shop.....$900 for a oldie bbag, damn it, why i'm not in USA....sigh!

    That buyer must be extremely THIRLLED for getting such an awesome price.

  15. You're so sweet... wish someone here could have scored that find. :blah: