looking for a fendi spy on ebay

  1. There are so many fendi spy on eBay.. what percentage of those are real? Some new ones are sold around 300??? Is that even possible?
  2. Most are fake, most definately the ones that sell for 300. The prices range for authentic ones would be from 800-1500, brand new ones can be higher, used/damaged ones could be as low as 600. If you are interested in some bags you can post them in the Authenticate this thread and someone can help you. Good luck!
  3. Don't be fooled into the cheap $300 ones they are definately fake!! People who paid so much money for an authentic Fendi would never sell them for $300 brand new! That just does not make sense????

    Honestly there is probably at the MOST three Authentic spies on e-bay at any one time the rest are FAKE. Definately get it authenticated in the Authenticate this thread before buying anything!!

    Good luck
  4. I'd say 90-95% are fake. It seems to be more lately based on what's being posted in "authenticate this". I think there are probably more than 3 authentic ones, but a lot of the authentic ones are "couture" type bags that people want a lot for, and not just the regular leather spys.
  5. Just saw 14/121 spys on eBay were authentic. Only about half of those were being sold for less than retail, though.
  6. if any one finds a dark brown - i.e. chocolate colour spy plz plz plz TELL ME!! im desperate for it - keep swingign from black to brown - *confused*
  7. one will turn up for you amna, with the spies I always browse at them as highest price first, as that way, "usually" the authentic ones will be listed first, (not always ofcourse, you always get the odd unscrupulous seller :sad: ), but its a good way of factoring. You are not realistically going to get a good spy for under 600 pounds, 1200 ish dollars. So just be vigilant, and always pop any auctions you have seen in the authenticate section as it could save you some serious heartache :smile:

    oh, and Choco is much much nicer than Black lol ;)
  8. ^^ I do that do, sort by highest price first. I love choco and black too, but if I had to pick one it would be choco. There are so many black bags out there..(thats what an SA told me as well!). The choco is yummy!
  10. yeah, most of the fakes don't go that high (though, really $200 is a lot for a fake, IMO!). But, I have seen fakes go for $1100+ before. it's sickening.
  11. I've sold two spies on ebay, and I take tons of pics, include the original receipt (with my info blacked out), and my starting price was $1400 each time.

    HTH. I try to steer clear from any seller with less than perfect FB and who is not including the orig. receipt, although there are ostensibly reasons for incl. a copy.
  12. Maybe its best to buy from Jomashop? It seems they have v competitive prices although i wonder how they do it