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Nov 3, 2015

I have my eye in the python floral strap you from Fendi and would like to buy one and have it shipped to me in California since Python cannot be sold here. I know saks' website won't ship it to me, but a saks sales associate at a store location will. Does anyone have any sales associate recommendations for Fendi saks associates in any state other than California? Or any other department store that carries Fendi strap yous? I know Neimans and Bergdorf Goodman will ship it too. Thank you!
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Mar 30, 2014
Hi, ishootfilm! :wave: When I was searching for Bag Bug Lucy Jr. in 2015, I contacted Fendi Customer Care using the "Contact Us" link on their Italian website as I was going to be in Italy on vacation. Customer Care located one Lucy Jr. and gave me the boutique phone number and Store Manager name so that I could get in touch with them. Last year, I was searching for a small turtledove By The Way and I tried sending an e-mail to their boutique in Firenze as I was going to spend some time in the city. They answered positively, so when I arrived in Firenze, the bag was waiting for me. :smile: Maybe you can contact Customer Care in France: https://www.fendi.com/fr-en/info/customer-care/contact-us
Or give them a call: +33 153574295. HTH! :flowers:


Apr 9, 2017
Hello! I'm hoping someone can help me out with the name and email address for an SA in Paris? There is a particular bag I'd like and I just want to make sure it will be available to purchase on an upcoming trip!


If you have the Fendi Item Number, you may be able to check inventory on-line yourself. That is how I was able to locate my purple whipstitch Strap You (see my avatar for pic). (The information I received directly from Customer Service - I did call first - turned out not to be accurate for whatever reason.) I googled the Fendi Item Number, which brought up the page on-line (the page had already disappeared from the fendi website completely as far I can tell, but I was able to bring it up that way). At that point, I simply selected the countries in which I wanted to search for the strap, and it brought up the store availability in that country. I located one at the flagship store in London and was able to purchase it (with a little help from a UK shopping service). Hope this helps!


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Jun 25, 2015
Hi guys.

Sorry to bother you, do any of you know a lovely SA in either Beverly Hills or Dallas? I'm looking for something but it's not available to shop from the fendi US site anymore, and the only options they're giving me are either BV or Dallas boutique.

I'd like to arrange a remote purchase and see if the can ship the package to an address in the US.

Thank you guys so much for any help.


May 5, 2013
Hi, I work at a Fendi as well and I love this community because I can assist with questions, etc.

The jersey peekaboo comes with a pink interior or red interior. It has not come out for the Fall season yet but my store is already taking reserves. If you are really interested, please let me know. I can send info, pictures, etc whenever you need.


Also, I know the other SAs mentioned here and they are awesome too!

Are Fendi SAs allowed to take orders from clients not residing in the US? I live in Singapore and looking to pre-order.
Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone would be happy to share their London sa contacts (with their consent or course)
Im in the U.K. but not close to any boutiques but I do travel to London every now and then for work. Was hoping to be able to check inventory etc prior to visiting.
Thank you and have a lovely day


Feb 12, 2014

I am new to the Fendi brand - and there are a few upcoming releases I am interested in.
I am looking for a Fendi SA who could help me get one of these bags :smile:

I‘d prefer someone who communicates via text and is responsive to questions.

thanks so much!!