looking for a fall bag


Apr 28, 2010
Hi all,
I'm thinking about making my next lv purchase soon and want to get a bag I can use mire for fall. I really want the Galliera but I've been reading about the black marks the rings makes on the bag:sad: I thought about a damier ebene speedy as well. Whatever it us it needs to be roomy because I carry a lot in the fall and winter. Any suggestions??
May 28, 2010
If you want Galliera go for it. It seems that the percentage of people that have problems with the ring is not high. Also, I think Speedy Ebene 35 is stunning and would be the economic and care free choose for LV:smile:. You probably won't regret buying this option. I would choose Speedy 35.


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May 11, 2009
I got a ebene hampstead for my F/W bag this year... love it! :smile:
My other choice was a speedy but the hampstead won me over with it's adjustable shoulder straps.. I can be handsfree to carry whatever else (hot cup of coffee and an umbrella) and I can make it longer so it still fits after the thick knits and coats in winter :tup:


Apr 28, 2009
^^As far as the galliera they are not taking anymore SOs from what I hear. I have had my azur one since March of this year and have never had a problem. However I have heard from other people that is you get black marks LV will fix the rings for you OR just wipe the mark off with a baby wipe. The galliera is so worth it.

Next fav after thar is pretty much a tie between the hampstead and the speedy. it would depend on what you love more. All in all I love all 3 of your choices. GL deciding.